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Atletica Settimese has always been committed to provide its geographical area of influence with a sporting offer for children and adults, allowing the exercise of various athletics disciplines.
If it is true that over the years, hundreds of athletes have passed through our sports center, thousands have experienced an event that has cemented the bond between our club and the territory that hosts it for 18 years.

The Strasettimo is a running event that has long become an indispensable tradition for the community, for the associations and for the partners who support us in the organization.

Since the first edition, Strasettimo has set itself the desire to pursue two objectives of great social importance: helping those who experience difficulties with their physical, mental and economic condition, as well as giving everyone the opportunity to practice running, respecting of everyone’s limits, setting up an event that has a non-competitive nature.

Involving as many people as possible obviously allows you to help the greatest number of people. Veronesi Foundation, Candiolo Foundation, Amatrice, Italian Red Cross, the municipalities of post-flood Emilia are just some of those who were the recipients of the proceeds of the event.

We are aware that ours is only a small contribution, but we are equally certain that we have the opportunity to provide a positive example to families, children… someone once told me “you educate more with your eyes than with your mouth”.

Our society therefore tries to do something and then let others speak for us.