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For all racing enthusiasts, but not only, the StraSettimo returns, in its 18th edition.

The ASD Atletica Settimese, with the patronage of the municipal administration, will propose again what is a traditional event for the city, on the day of

Sunday 26 May 2024

This will be a very special year where the typical components of our tradition will meet something new that is very heartfelt for all of us.

The element of continuity is represented by the usual Start in Piazza Campidoglio in front of the Archimede library from where the two routes will start, the 10 km one for those who want to try their hand at a running test, and the 4 km one for children and families.

On each of the 17 occasions, StraSettimo stood out for its spirit of solidarity which from time to time translated into support for various charitable or socially useful causes.

We dealt with the Amatrice earthquake, the Veronesi Foundation and that of Candiolo. We have given support to needy families in the area and financed the Red Cross for some of its projects.

This year we have set ourselves an extremely ambitious goal. We will give a group of Ukrainian athletes – between 10 and 16 years old – the opportunity to do a few days’ internship with us.

What is the reason for this choice.

Some bad stories strike – and a lot – when they are made public. However, their repetition over time tends to make them less harsh for those who experience them only in newspapers.
Reading about fighting on a front that we do not see or observing war scenes masked by the filters of our televisions, all this does not give us the slightest glimpse of the harsh reality in which people, children and young people live. A reality that has been like this since February 24, 2022…

We can’t stop rockets and bombs but yes, we can do something. We will offer a small gift to 20 of these kids, accustomed to living in conditions unimaginable to us.
We will bring them here, they will meet their peers who share a passion for the same sport.

Of course, we won’t be able to change their daily lives but at least we will bring an example and testimony of a civil society where the well-being and serenity of the new generations is the most important legacy we want to build for them.

With today, with this step we are therefore starting the complex organizational path that will see us working with the Municipal Administration of Settimo Torinese which sponsors the initiative, with FIDAL which has always been at our side, with the Ukrainian Athletics Federation with which we have been in contact with Ukrainian volunteers for some time for the necessary linguistic support.

We really need everyone because these kids were just born in the wrong place and in the wrong period and they deserve to experience at least a moment of normality, what our children experience every day.